Ashdown High School



Welcome to Ashdown High School! 

I welcome all returning students as well as our wonderful 9th graders and several new students that are new to our district.  I am so thrilled to know so many of you and I am looking forward to being here with you as we are preparing for college and /or career! 


Ashdown High School was designated a School of Innovation last year and we continue to strive to be on the cutting edge by providing an exceptional array of opportunities for our students as they prepare for their future beyond high school. 


We continue to seek out new opportunities and this year is no different.  New to AHS this year is the following:


College and Career Readiness with Work Keys – Ms. McCormack will be adding this program in which students in 12th grade may access the training and take the assessments that are required for many jobs in the workplace.


We have received a mini Social and Emotional Learning grant in which will enhance our Advisory classes with Character Strong program.  Students will be involved in Character Strong activities two days a week that will assist in adjusting to a full year of instruction and routines that many students missed last year. 


Our new Turf Management class taught by Chuck Cross is one of the only classes as such in the state.  The curriculum and hands-on involvement make this a very welcomed elective in which students can gain needed knowledge and skills to enter many fields such as landscaping, landscape architect, and other grounds management jobs.


We are fortunate to add Spanish to our course selections this year.  Mr. Don Nesbitt returns to Ashdown and is a welcome addition to our staff as we have many students that have requested this class as well as our need for an in-house foreign language teacher. 


Additions to our High School Staff this year include:


Mallory Elkins – 9th grade English /Credit Recovery

Don Nesbitt – Spanish/Virtual Arkansas

Isaac Cross – World History

Randall Shelly – Math

Robert Crayne – Math

Brandi Wilson – Commons/Math Tutorial

Tammy Phillips – Special Education


We offer an array of career pathways, such as Medical, Vocational Agri, Business, and Television Production.  Our staff is highly trained in which over 50% of our teachers hold master's degrees and an average of 15 years of teaching experience. 


Our JAG  (Jobs for Arkansas Graduates) program continues to grow with Mrs. Meagan Garrison connecting our great students with productive and rewarding careers. 


Our LIMI (Lockesburg Industrial Maintenance Institute) this year has 14 of our very talented and driven young people accessing this impressive and prestigious program in which they will be able to leave in two years with credentials in electrical, refrigeration, mnemonics, welding, and other skills required for many high demanding industrial jobs. 


Our Small Business Application Certifications reached 115  last year with five Freshmen reaching the highest level and qualifying for National Recognition.  These certifications provide needed skills for future jobs and careers in which employers will be asking for.   This particular class is our Digital class in which all students are required to take.


In spite of all the obstacles the Covid 19 Pandemic caused for all, our students have been resilient as well as our staff, and Ashdown’s High School of Innovation is rising to the top of providing the skills and training needed to meet the ever-changing and demanding workforce and careers.


Please contact me if you have questions and need more information. A great year for all!


Go Panthers! We ARE ASHDOWN!




Kay York-Wortham