2021 - 2022 Bus Routes

40 Jim Haynie E. Ogden, Castleman Rd., Davis Farms, LR 23 (Duke’s Crossing), CC Road
43 Dean Lillard Old Richmond Rd., Richmond
42 Michael Crussell Bullcreek, York Farm, Pine Prarie Rd., Pruitt Farm., Jim Brown Rd.
    Craig Chapel, Bryan St. & East Lawrence St.
10 Mark Pounds Parent Center, Box Factory Rd., Highway 108 to Landfill, Hinton Rd.
18 Sharon Parker
Arden, Waldrop Lateral, Hwy. 32 W., Western Hills
36 Robbie Markle Frisco St., Park Ave., Federal St., Hwy. 71 N to Hwy. 108, Pineywood Trailer Park
19 Shawnda Chester Town and Country
45 Mario Proksch Specialized Transportation
38 Carla Trowler Hicks Rd., Horseshoe Lake Rd., NE Wilton, Wimberly Springs Rd., Joyner St.
7 Shaye Johnston 32 E., Yarborough Landing, Red Bluff
34 Sonia Caskey MLK, 3rd St., Olive St., Mary’s Little Lamb, South West Side of KCS Tracks
35 Travis Young Jack’s Isle, Peytonville Rd., N. Walker, Corbin St. Millwood Dam, Railcar Apts.
31 Sequoyah Teehee Ben Lomond, 71 N. of Wilton, West Wilton
39 Ronnie Clay Alleene, Hwy. 234, Landfill Road, Buck Wright Road
17 Nate Deloney W. Ogden, Green Acres