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The Ashdown Gifted and Talented Program is now accepting referrals of new students for the 2022-2023 school year. Students referred must exhibit outstanding abilities in the area of intellect, creativity, and task commitment. Please fill out this form by April 28, 2023. All referrals for testing must come through this form:

If you have any questions, please contact the Gifted & Talented Coordinator, Jaime Ward @ [email protected]


Gifted and talented children and youth are those of high potential or ability whose learning characteristics and educational needs require qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and/or services.  Possession of these talents and gifts, or the potential for their development, will be evidenced through an interaction of above-average intellectual ability, task commitment and/or motivation, and creative ability.

~Arkansas Department of Education 

GT Links: 

Arkansas for Gifted and Talented Education

Arkansas Governor’s Quiz Bowl Association

College Board Advanced Placement 

National Association of Gifted Children 

Contact Information: 

Jaime Ward, GT Coordinator

[email protected]

870-898-3711 ext. 1417

Gifted and Talented Identification

Identification for Gifted & Talented


There will be chess tournaments this spring! The students are learning to play and we will continue to challenge themselves to be chosen to attend these tournaments!  

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Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Schedule


Parent Referral Form
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