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Special Services

Attention Parents, in accordance with Federal and State Guidelines, special education data that has been collected on students of the Ashdown School District No. 31 who have graduated, moved, dropped, dismissed, or found ineligible before the 2015-2016 school year, will be destroyed after June 30, 2021. Parents of these children or the child himself, providing he/she has reached age 18, have the right to review and/or request copies of this data. These records are not your child's permanent records. They are only special education due process forms and records. If you have questions regarding this notice you may contact Jan Ueckert, Special Education Director at 870-898-3208.


Ashdown Schools Seeking Children in Need of Special Services

The Ashdown School District is participating in an ongoing statewide effort to identify, locate, and evaluate children from birth to the age of 21, who have a physical, mental, communicative and/or emotional disability.  Early identification of children in need of special education experiences is most important to each child.  Furthermore, this information gathered from contacts with parents and other agencies will be used to help determine present and future program needs as progress is made toward the goal of providing a free appropriate public education to all children with a disability.

The Ashdown School District will work with the local Head Start, Human Services, Health Department, and Mental Health Agencies, as well as local education agencies, physicians, and other individuals to identify and locate children out of school and in school who may be in need of special education services.  Please contact Ashdown Schools Special Education Department at 870-898-3208 ext. 1607 if you know any child who may have a disability.