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AJHS Clubs


Anime Club- Anime Club gives students a chance to explore Japanese culture through anime, manga, and Japanese snacks and drinks.


FCA- Is bringing students together to study God's world and to experience it in an athletic aspect. 


Calvary Christian Club- Calvary Christian Club is a Christian Group led by students. Guest speakers come bi-weekly. Other wednesday, students lead with a devotional/testimony. Everyone in 7th & 8th grades is invited.


Book Club- You suggest books for people you read books and share about them.


Student Council- It is the went staff that makes signs and helps with special things. An they need to act like school leaders.


Quiz bowl- Quiz Bowl is where you test you knowledge with questions. Like math, English and more.


K-Pop Trainee Club- Students get a basic general knowledge to Korean pop.


K-Pop Idol Group- Students who have general knowledge of K-pop expand their horizons of