LF Henderson Intermediate School Mission


LFH in partnership with parents and community, will challenge and support all students to learn and reach their full potential.


Unite parents, community, and staff in creating an environment of excellence and pride where students will choose to be successful.



Anything Is Possible, THINK BIG!

Core Beliefs

  • l. We believe all students can and must be challenged to become problem solvers and life long learners.
  • 2. We believe students should feel safe in their learning environment.
  • 3. We believe that students should be goal oriented with clear expectations about learning and conduct.
  • 4. We believe parents and community should be actively involved in the learning environment.
  • 5. We believe the school should be a place where students are treated fairly and values of self-respect are taught and modeled.
  • 6. We believe that school should be innovative with technology and instructional strategies to meet various learning styles and cultural diversities of students.
  • 7. We believe the school should provide an environment that encourages and supports high achievement in academics and social development.

Planting seeds of knowledge so our children can grow and bloom today and all of their tomorrows.