Important Online Parent Survey

In an effort to improve system practices, Ashdown School District is conducting an important Parent Survey. The district values parental opinion and asks that all parents take the time (10 minutes or less) to complete this online survey before the morning of October 29th:

Please be assured that responses to this survey will be anonymous and greatly appreciated.  Also the district reminds parents that a survey must be completed for each child on any campus.

The Parent Survey, along with student and teacher surveys, is an important part of preparing for the evaluation visit from AdvancED in December 2013.  AdvancED is the world’s largest educational community, serving over 32,000 public and private institutions in over 70 countries, and accreditation from AdvancED is highly recognized.  Ashdown School District has been accredited by AdvancED (formerly North Central Accreditation) since its establishment.

AdvancED requires that 20% of the district’s parents complete the survey at the link above for its results to be used in the Accreditation Progress Report.  In addition, 40% of students and 60% of teachers in the district must also complete the survey by October 29.

The goal of AdvancED accreditation for Ashdown School District is continuous quality improvement by meeting AdvancEd Standards for Quality School Systems.  The Standards are “research-based, comprehensive quality statements that describe conditions necessary to achieve and maintain high levels of student performance and organizational effectiveness,” according to the AdvancEd Learning Guide.

The five schools in Ashdown’s district will be evaluated on the following:  Purpose of Direction, Governance and Leadership, Teaching and Assessing for Learning, Resources and Support Systems, and Using Results for Continuous Improvement.  External Reviews for accreditation from AdvancED occur at participating schools every five years.