Volunteer Opportunities

Ashdown School District considers its parents the most valuable asset in operating a school. Parents are encouraged to participate in the activities of the school and extra-curricular activities. Parents are given a Volunteer Involvement sheet on which they are welcome to sign up for various ways in which they can be involved in helping the … Read more

Announcements and Information

We strive to keep parents and community members informed of student activities and progress. Communications may include: Weekly conduct reports/Calendar Sheets Articles and pictures in the local newspaper School displays Notes and calls home Parent Conferences (See District Calendar) Marquee Signs Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) Contract Parent Empowerment Classes (A.N.T) Principal, Counselor, and Teacher Memos … Read more

Parent Conferences & Reports to the Public

Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to make an appointment to see a teacher or the principal. Scheduled parent/teacher conferences are held throughout the year. (See school calendar in front of handbook for dates.) The Ashdown Board of Education will host a “Report to the Public” community meeting in the fall to present a … Read more

Visitors on Campus

Parents are especially welcome at our school. For safety concerns, all visitors are to report to the office to state the nature of their business, sign in, and pick up passes. Every effort will be made to assist visitors. If parents wish to schedule a conference with a teacher, or observe a class, they may … Read more

Parent & Student Information

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