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School History

In 1891, citizens of Ashdown instituted a tradition of community pride in educational excellence by opening the first school in Ashdown.  What first began in a one room building located near the present site of the New Traditions School on Main and Frisco streets has grown into a consolidated school district covering 327 square miles and educating 1,600 students a year.  The district includes six campuses, a Central Office building, District Services Building, and a Family Resource Center.

     Ashdown’s students have excelled in the years since 1891, many going on to graduate from major universities to make their mark in history  becoming doctors, military heroes, scientists, judges, teachers, and preachers.  Others chose to enter the work force to support the development of a growing economy.  It continues to be the goal of Ashdown Schools to provide a quality education for students to pursue whatever path they chose in life.

     The community of Ashdown has historically provided strong support and had great pride in the education provided for its children.  Today Ashdown Schools continues the tradition of outstanding achievement of its teachers and students and the strong support from the community.