In 2013, the Arkansas Legislature passed ACT 1294 to ensure that children with the characteristics of dyslexia would have their needs met by the state's public school system.


In 2015, ACT 1268 expanded this initiative by modifying the requirements concerning dyslexia screenings, and clarifying actions required by the state, educational cooperatives, and school districts.


In October of 2016, the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) updated the rules governing the implementation of ACT 1268. These updated rules provided further clarification, guidance, and instruction on how to meet the needs of students showing characteristics of dyslexia. 


In April of 2017, the Arkansas Legislature passed ACT 1039 to further amend and clarify code provisions regarding dyslexia screenings and intervention, and to add specific enforcement provisions tied to school accreditation. It also added new public posting requirements. 


The Dyslexia program that is being used to serve the students is  TAKE FLIGHT

During the 16-17 school year, we served 26 students who were diagnosed as dyslexic or were shown to have markers of dyslexia.