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Posted Date: 10/26/2017

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AHS is in its second year of the JAG Program.  JAG stands for Jobs for America’s Graduates and is a national program that is designed to identify students who possess a significant number of barriers to stay in school, complete a high school diploma, secure an entry level quality job that leads to a career, and/or pursue a postsecondary education.  JAG programs regularly exceed a 90 percent graduation rate with at least 80 percent of graduates experiencing a positive outcome (for example employment, military, or pursuing a postsecondary education) during the 12-month post-graduation follow-up period.


The AHS program has seen numbers quickly increasing.  The program went from 9 students last year to 22 this semester.  "Many students want to get into the program so I see it growing even more next year", said JAG leader Meagan Garrison.  There is currently one class period where students learn about different competencies that are in the National JAG curriculum.  These competencies range from basic job skills, job attainment, job survival, leadership and self-development, personal and life skills.  All of the skills learned are skills that students can take with them after graduation and use to help them progress in the work force.


One skill that JAG really likes to promote is working within a team.  JAG encourages each chapter to be out in the community working together to help improve society.  "This year JAG has volunteered to put together and design the haunted house at the fall festival at Ashdown Elementary this year.  The students have been working really hard and they are coming up with one of the best haunted houses the fall festival has ever seen,” said Garrison.  Team managers Karenna Silva, Alyssa Cisco, and Carley Lummas are making sure of this!  This process has been designed to work like a real world work situation for the students.  Garrison also said, “they are going over to the elementary school in groups with the managers every week.  I am not there to hold their hands and make them do things, so it’s been a challenging but an educational experience for them so far.”


“I’m excited to be a part of this JAG journey and have many plans for this program.  My goal is to help as many students as I can by arming them with the knowledge they will need to succeed in life after high school.  I plan to have guest speakers throughout our community come and speak to motivate them.  I want to involve them in our community as much as I can because after all, they are the future faces of Ashdown’s economy,” said Garrison

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